Neighborhood Revitalization and Development Committee, Dec. 11, 2019

January 17th, 2020  |  Published in Observer Reports

The meeting focused on one business issue: Accepting Round 3 SBA-Muni-County Small Business Initiative Funding ($150,000) and appropriate $50,000 from the Housing and Economic Development Reserve Fund to replenish the SBA Shaker Partnership Loan fund.

Shaker Heights was one of two cities to successfully pilot the first round of the SBA-Muni-County Small Business Initiative Funding in 2014. To launch the pilot program, the city and Cuyahoga County each committed $250,000. Of that initial $500,000 fund, $143,654 remains. There are three possible projects planned for the first quarter of 2020. To be able to continue to support small business growth throughout the remainder of the year, the city applied to receive Round 3 funds ($150,000) from the county. The Round 3 county awards for Shaker Heights, Lakewood, and Cleveland Heights are subject to final approval from the Cuyahoga County Board of Control as well as a required contribution by the city of $50,000. Total Round 3 funding ($200,000) in addition to the remaining pilot funds ($143,654) will bring available loan funds to $364, 654. This proposal passed.

The second item on the agenda was an update by Colin Compton about Neighborhood Engagement Work with Kay Coaching. Neighborhood Engagement focuses on building relationships with the residents using a “bottom-up” approach. The residents are encouraged to participate and establish connections with each other, building on the existing skills and interests that they possess. Ultimately, the goal is to build safe and active streets, self-supportive and stable networks, and “pride of place.”

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Eileen Anderson, League observer

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