Sustainability Committee, Sept. 12, 2019

November 9th, 2019  |  Published in Observer Reports

Members Present: Council Member and Chair Julianna Senturia; Council Members Sean Malone and Anne Williams; Citizen Members Julianne Potter, Carmen Franks (through phone), and Norman Robbins.

Others present: Mayor David Weiss; Chief Administrative Officer Jeri Chaikin; Sustainability Coordinator Michael Peters; Will Piper of Lime Scooters, Director of Shaker Heights Planning Department Joyce Braverman, Shaker Heights City Planner Cameron Roberts.

The minutes of the August committee meeting were approved.

Lime Scooters: Ms. Braverman explains that the county released a request for proposals from bike and scooter share organizations, and Shaker signed on as an interested party. As part of that, Shaker was on the selection committee to decide what vendors would be chosen. The next step is looking at the city’s ordinances to determine where citizens can ride scooters and what the helmet laws are. These ordinances may need to be revised. Shaker will also have to speak with University Heights and Cleveland Heights, since some citizens may ride across city borders and therefore ordinances between the cities should be uniform. 

Euclid is also working on bringing scooters to the people, and Lakewood created a citizen survey to determine their feelings on doing the same. Shaker may similarly do a survey among the three cities to determine the public perception of scooters. Cleveland began deploying scooters in late August.

Ms. Braverman explained the need to choose rebalancing locations to put scooters when citizens terminate their rides. They have preliminary ideas, like at RTA stations and along trails and commercial districts. While riders can really leave their scooters in any safe location, if citizens take scooters to rebalancing locations, they will get credit for riding.

The mayor asked about helmet rules, and it was determined that while shaker has a helmet law for bikes, no one has a helmet law for scooters. While there is data regarding the safety of cities who utilize scooters, it has not been looked into yet.

The cost of rides will likely be 15 cents per minute. If a rider qualifies for governmental aid, the ride will be cheaper.

Subcommittees: Most subcommittees did not have updates, but Norman Robbins, who heads the Renewable Energy subcommittee, explained that he had been going to block parties and answering questions on solar panels. Some citizens with solar panels are interested in telling about their experience.

High School Advisory Group: Ms. Potter met with Torrey McMillan of Hathaway Brown School and is working on outreach to other schools. She was looking for a faculty contact at Shaker Heights High School to involve students. She is coordinating with another student who is working on this as a full project (unnamed).

LEED for Cities: Ms. Williams explained that there was a meeting later that day with Planning. The committee is currently on track with data and writing the documentation needed to submit to the program. 

City Energy Efficiency/Conservation Update: The city recently bid on electric contracts. We can enter into new contracts. All of the bids are for the Green-E certified energy program which is helpful for LEED certification. With a new contract, the city would be able to be supplied with 100 percent renewable energy. Buildings over 10,000 square feet can be audited; currently there are seven buildings to be audited to create an energy model for more information on what they need.

City Alternative Fuel Vehicle Update: Peters explained that the recommendation from the city technician, a potential vendor, and a representative from the police is to pilot one vehicle which would cost $2800-3000. They are also reaching out to Beachwood to conduct a study to put sensors in vehicles to determine if they should be switched to electric vehicles.

Green Team Update: Mr. Peters explained that starting on Sept. 23, the city is conducting a 60-day pilot using regular coffee instead of K-cups to reduce plastic waste. 

Ryan Brady, LWV observer

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