Safety & Public Works Committee, Oct. 4, 2019

November 9th, 2019  |  Published in Observer Reports

Members Present: Nancy Moore, council member and chair; Julianna Senturia, Anne Williams, and Rob Zimmerman, council members; Jonathan Hren, Austin McGuan, and James Sammon, citizen members; David Weiss, mayor; Jeffrey DeMuth, chief of police; Patricia Speese, director of public works; Jeri Chaikin, chief administrative officer.

Others present: Jim Mariano, Precision Wildlife Management LTD, contractor for winter deer culling program.

The agenda and all supporting documents for this meeting may be found here:

The meeting was called to order at 8:00 a.m. by Nancy Moore, chair.

The minutes for the Sept. 6, 2019, meeting were approved:

The first order of business was to authorize an application for and potential acceptance of a Cuyahoga County Supplemental Grant for the Chagrin/Lynnfield intersection pedestrian and bicycle improvements. Chief DeMuth presented the plan for $50K in enhancements to the area, standing in for the Planning Department’s Ann Klavora, who could not attend the meeting. The committee approved the application. Neighbors support the project, which is one of four in the works. The other three are Shaker/Warrensville, South Woodland/Warrensville, and Van Aken/Lee. The deadline is October 31; the announcement will be sometime in spring 2020.

The next, and last, item on the agenda was the deer culling program, which generated lengthy discussion. Ms. Moore stated she scheduled this opportunity to exchange information since she thought it got short shrift in the September meeting. The contract has been approved (about $60,000 to harvest 40 deer). Mr. Zimmerman pointed out that the original memo about the program was not accurate and wanted clarification. The culling is planned for both public and private property, and 65% of residents approved culling on private property. The point under discussion was lot size for private property, and the committee wanted to be sure residents understand that a large lot is not a prerequisite for culling. The protocols for large and smaller lots are the same (approvals from property owners on all sides of the lot selected). The focus first will be larger tracts since baiting, harvesting, and removal are easier and safer. If the requisite deer are harvested, the city can apply to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources for a permit to cull more.

Ms. Moore adjourned the meeting at 9:25 a.m.

Barbara Bradley

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