Board of Zoning Appeals/City Planning Commission, Aug. 7, 2019

August 19th, 2019  |  Published in Observer Reports

Members Present: David Weiss, mayor and chair; Rob Zimmerman, council member; John J. Boyle, Kevin Dreyfus-Wells, and Joanna Ganning, citizen members

Others Present: Joyce Braverman, director of planning; Dan Feinstein, senior planner; Lisa Gold-Scott, assistant director of law department, housing attorney

The agenda for this meeting may be found here:

The meeting was recorded and the audio is available here:

Mayor Weiss called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.

The minutes of the July 2, 2019, meeting were approved unanimously (Mayor Weiss abstained since he was not present), with typographical corrections only, and are available here:

Board of Zoning Appeals

Faltisco Residence, 18524 Lomond Boulevard:

Public hearing on the request of Sally Levine, architect, representing Daniel and Anne Marie Faltisco, 18524 Lomond Boulevard, for a variance to the garage regulations in order to construct a new detached one car garage located in the rear yard. Code allows only one garage structure per lot, located in the rear yard. The existing attached rear facing one car garage is proposed to remain, creating two garage spaces on the property. Tatyana Tate spoke for the architect on behalf of the applicant, proposing the design for a one-car detached garage located at the end of the driveway facing the street.

Staff supported the request, and the Architectural Board of Review approved the garage design. There were no comments or questions during the public hearing. Citing multiple precedents, the board voted unanimously to approve the variance.

Supporting documents are here:

City Planning Commission

Hathaway Brown School, 19600 North Park Boulevard:

Public meeting on the request of Craig Cawrse, CT Consultants, representing Hathaway Brown School, 19600 North Park Boulevard, for review of on-street parking design and location. The applicant proposes to create a new on-street parking area located on the south leg of the North Park Boulevard/Sherbrooke Road triangle. The new parking area is proposed on both sides of the street within the street right-of-way and includes a total of 53 head-in parking spaces, landscaping, sidewalks, and a crosswalk. Several alternate parking layouts and locations are also outlined in the applicant’s proposal. The Board of Zoning Appeals approved variances to the parking lot location requirements for parking on the school property at the May 7, 2019 meeting. Changes to the public right-of-way are unusual and require presentation before the City Planning Commission. The commission will thus review this on-street parking space proposal in an advisory role to City Council.

In his opening remarks, Mayor Weiss announced that no consideration or formal action would be taken concerning the application at this meeting or at the next city council meeting. Instead, the goal for this evening was to provide a forum and an opportunity for both applicant and residents to present their views in a respectful and civil discourse. The mayor also commented that the involvement of both residents and the school administration is in keeping with the active and engaged public for which Shaker is well known. The public comments from residents, both in conversations and through email and other letters, has been extensive. A special meeting is planned for a later date to reconsider the application, giving the school an opportunity to revise its plans, or not, after reviewing public comments and suggestions.

Mary Frances Bisselle, head of school, presented Hathaway Brown’s master plan (which includes the parking changes) and stated it continues to evolve. Mr. Zimmerman thanked all for being at the meeting and reiterated that no action would be taken tonight. Residents then took the Board of Zoning Appeals to task for approving parking variances at the May meeting with so little input from the community. Thirteen residents/neighbors then spoke against the proposed changes. Compliments, as well as complaints, continued throughout the discussion. Mr. Zimmerman then stated he looks forward to a comprehensive review of the plan and collaborative solution to the problems presented. He also noted that the board clearly heard the comments about perceived lack of notice about the meetings and that, while it will continue to follow its rules about such notifications, it will take each situation into consideration in the future.

Supporting documents are here:

Supplemental correspondence is here:

The next meeting is Sept. 3, 2019, 7:00 p.m.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 pm.

Barbara Bradley

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