Board of Education, July 16, 2019

August 16th, 2019  |  Published in Observer Reports

Present: Board President Jeffrey Isaacs and board members William L. Clawson, Lisa Cremer, Ayesha Bell Hardaway, and Heather Weingart; Superintendent Dr. David Glasner, Treasurer Bryan Christman, Director of Operations Dave Boyer

The meeting was called to order by Board President Jeffrey Isaacs at 6:01 p.m. The agenda may be found here.

  1. Dr. Glasner announced he was saddened to learn that High School Security Monitor Curtis C. Hughley, the father of Bus Driver Malcolm King, died early last month. Dr. Glasner then called on Ms. Tina McCauley, Assistant Principal at Lomond Elementary School, to share some brief remarks about the Summer Exploration Learning and Fun (SELF) program and to introduce the Nemo Project dance workshop student performance.
  2. Mr. Isaacs called for a vote on approval of the June 11, 2019, meeting minutes. The minutes were approved without comment.
  3. Mr. Isaacs next opened the meeting to public comment. Craig Martahus of Winthrop Road asked the board to apologize to SHHS English teacher Jody Podl for her treatment during the controversy regarding her dismissal, which was found, through arbitration, to be without just cause.
  4. Dr. Glasner acknowledged staff and students for special recognition and honors: SHHS is one of 12 public schools in Northeast Ohio to receive funding from the prestigious Veale Youth Entrepreneurship Forum to help students develop business ventures. Congratulations to SHHS Class of 2019 graduate and future Ohio State swimmer Chachi Gustafson, who was named an All-American by the National Interscholastic Swimming Coaches Association for the second year in a row. Raider field hockey player Lora Clarke, whose team earned a bronze medal at the USA Field Hockey Futures Championships in Lancaster, Pa., was also selected to play in the USA Futures Stars and Stripes All Star Game. Middle School Head Security Monitor Linda Thompson-Williams appeared on the Season 9 premiere of BET’s inspirational singing competition, “Sunday Best,” and will move to the next round. Senior Bronwyn Warnock was named a Bank of America Student Leader. This signature philanthropic program offers young people an opportunity to build their workforce and leadership skills through a paid summer internship. Bronwyn and her four fellow Student Leaders from Cleveland are working this summer at the Cleveland Food Bank.More than 20 alumni Minority Achievement Committee (MAC) Scholars attended their first-ever reunion on June 15 to reconnect and network with former classmates. More than 20 alumni Minority Achievement Committee (MAC) Scholars attended their first-ever reunion on June 15 to reconnect and network with former classmates. Fifty-five SHHS students completed the summer Bridges program, which aims to increase the number of diverse students and student success in the High School’s AP and IB Diploma courses. The three-week program was made possible by grants from the Higley Fund and the Martha Holden Jennings Foundation to the Shaker Schools Foundation. Artist James Quarles (SHHS ’05 grad and son of Middle School librarian Deb Quarles) was at Public Square installing a mural he created that honors African-American baseball greats Larry Doby and Jackie Robinson. The work, a public art piece, was commissioned by Major League Baseball for the All-Star Game.Chinese teacher Raina Li was named among the Notable Women in Education by Crain’s Cleveland Business. And special thanks to Middle School student Noah Rusnak, who shared a $5,000 donation collected at his Bar Mitzvah with the Shaker Schools Foundation to help build a new playground at Fernway, his former elementary school.
  5. Director of Operations Dave Boyer provided an update of facilities, capital projects, and Fernway School. The following projects will be complete for fall semester: Lomond and SHHS will have roof repairs; SHHS will have parking repaved; Lomond, Mercer, Onaway, Woodbury, and the Middle School fire and security systems will be updated; Fernway will have steel reinforcement and roof trusses set.
  6. Mr. Boyer next reviewed the results of insurance renewal negotiations. The new Liberty Mutual premium will be $43,415 less than the quote from the previous underwriter, with two major benefits: there will be no margin clause on property claims and the deductible for equipment claims was reduced from $25,000 to $10,000. Ms. Bell Hardaway asked if there were any expectations of future increases. Mr. Boyer responded that the contract will be renegotiated if the premium increases more than 10 percent within three years. Mr. Isaacs asked if all the property appraisals were complete. Mr. Boyer answered that they should be complete this week.
  7. Dr. Glasner recognized new appointments within Shaker Schools. Mr. Jeffrey A. Grosse will be the new Chief Operating Officer; he comes to Shaker from Berea City Schools. Dr. Erin Herbruck, a long-serving staff member, will serve as Director of Primary Education overseeing curriculum and instruction for Grades PreK-4. Ms. Micki Krantz will be Director of Secondary Education overseeing Grades 5-12. Ms. Krantz most recently served as the Director of Instruction at Canton City Schools.
  8. Mr. Isaacs asked the board for approval of all personnel actions and reports. All were approved.
  9. Dr. Glasner presented a recommendation to approve the change order with Dial Electric for the High School Life Safety & IT Room Renovation Project to remove or cut existing tiles containing asbestos materials so that fire alarm equipment can be installed. Air monitoring is included while work is being done and reports provided when work is completed. The cost is $72,067. The recommendation was approved.
  10. Dr. Glasner presented a recommendation to approve the resolution to accept the bid for the purchase of two Thomas-brand school buses from Myers Equipment Corp. for $193,618. Ms. Bell Hardaway asked what happens to retired buses. Mr. Boyer replied they might be used as trade-in or otherwise auctioned. Mr. Isaacs asked if the district had considered alternative energy buses. Mr. Boyer answered that propane and electric buses had been considered previously, but they were too expensive; however, the technologies are developing rapidly and they will be considered regularly as buses are retired. Mr. Clawson asked if seat belts had been evaluated for buses. Mr. Boyer replied that only high padded seats were legislated, but that might change; however, seat belts are considered in every purchase decision.
  11. Mr. Isaacs introduced five modified board policies for a third reading, requiring a board vote. There were no further questions regarding these policies and they were approved. The policies: BCC – Qualifications and Duties of the Treasurer, JGD – Student Suspension, JED – Student Absences and Excuses, JHG – Reporting Child Abuse and Mandatory Training, and JEE – Student Attendance Accounting (Missing and Absent Children).
  12. Mr. Isaacs next presented a resolution authorizing adding Ulmer & Berne to its list of law firms/attorneys that may provide legal counsel to the board. The resolution was approved.
  13. Mr. Christman presented a recommendation to approve the Monthly Financial Report, consisting of the preliminary financial statements for the month and year-to-date ended June 30, 2019, and the Monthly Investment Report for the month ended June 30, 2019. Mr. Christman said that the statements indicated the Shaker Schools were running $109,000 favorable to the budget. He also said that Ohio legislators were still trying to reconcile the differences between the Ohio House and Senate budgets and were continuing to fund through budget extensions.
  14. Dr. Glasner shared his goals and actions steps for his first 100 days. His four goals: identify key school district and city government stakeholders among PTO leaders and local and state government leaders; prepare for opening of the new school year by updating leadership, and capital and work-in-process plans; ensure that the district is making progress on long-term plans, particularly regarding equity and facilities; identify instructional focus areas; and define actions for achievement. His deliverables for 2019-2020: create new district plans, participate in equity training, and reopen Fernway.
  15. Mr. Isaacs shared what he perceived as the progress of the “Forward Together” Joint Facilities Task Force efforts. He felt this was an excellent opportunity for Shaker Schools, the City, and Shaker Library, and was excited to see what the next stage would look like.

The Board adjourned the public session at 7:02 pm.

Frank Goforth, observer

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