Safety & Public Works Committee, July 11, 2019

July 21st, 2019  |  Published in Observer Reports

Present: Council members Tres Roeder (chair), Anne Williams; citizen members Jonathan Hren, James Sammon

Others present: Mayor David Weiss; Chief Administrative Officer Jeri Chaikin; Director of Planning Joyce Braverman; Director of Public Works Patricia Speese; Chief of Fire Patrick Sweeney; Police Chief Jeff DeMuth; administrative assistant Debra Messing; Joe Ciuni, City Engineer, GPD Group.

The meeting was called to order by Mr. Roeder at 8 a.m. The committee did not have a quorum. Agenda items on which a vote was required before Council action will be forwarded to Council as “approved by the sense of the committee.”


1. Minutes of the June 7, 2019, meeting. Correction to spelling of one name.

2. Contract for Design/Engineering of the Shaker Boulevard/Warrensville Center Road Intersection. Ms. Braverman explained that going back to the 2018 Van Aken District Signal Study, the city has studied changes to this intersection to reduce driver confusion and improve safety for all by closing the connections of South Park Boulevard, Chesterton Road and Falmouth Road to Warrensville Center Road. Mayor Weiss reported that neighbors are aware of the proposal, seem supportive, and will have two public meetings to question the engineers and comment. Committee members present supported a $64,130 contract to Euthenics, Inc., to redesign the intersection. The full project is estimated to cost $253,000 for construction plus $120,000 for engineering and inspection; $200,000 will be funded through a NOACA Transportation for Livable Communities grant.  

3. Resurfacing of Warrensville Center Road from Fairmount Boulevard to Farnsleigh Road. Ms. Speese proposed entering into a contract with ODOT to resurface this major road; the project had been postponed since 2014 because of the Van Aken District project, but construction will occur in 2021. The city’s share is estimated at $977,115 and ODOT grants will cover about $1,648,000. Federal, state and local funds are leveraged. The city’s recent practice has been to include about $2 million in the annual capital budget for street resurfacing. If the 2020 budget is consistent, it will meet this contract plus cover resurfacing of “approximately eight other streets.”

4. Hot Works Training Budget Appropriation. Fire Chief Patrick Sweeney proposed $20,000 for training in 2019 to be reimbursed in 2020 from fines imposed on the roofing contractor found at fault for the Fernway School fire in 2018. Following that school roof fire, the city tightened its local regulations and is requiring safety training for contractors who seek a permit to conduct “hot works” in the city. The roofing subcontractor was prosecuted on criminal charges and reached a settlement to pay the maximum $35,000 in fines for training and to reimburse the city for overtime costs associated with the Fernway fire. Chief Sweeney recommended doing the training before all the fines are scheduled to be collected, for safety reasons, and in response to questions indicated confidence the contractor will pay the fines.

Mr. Roeder adjourned the meeting at 8:15 a.m.

Annette Tucker Sutherland, observer

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