City Council, June 24, 2019

July 11th, 2019  |  Published in Observer Reports

Present: All members of City Council, Mayor David Weiss, Law Director William Gruber, CAO Jeri Chaikin, Planning Director Joyce Braverman, Senior Planner Daniel Feinstein, and Director of Finance Robert Baker

Mayor Weiss called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.

Two public hearings were held before the regular business meeting.

  1. Second reading of a proposal by Shaker Heights Country Club for rezoning land, equivalent to two parcels, of their property from Parks and Recreation to Single Family Residential. Several residents spoke about soil toxicity, saving green space and protecting wildlife. Lee Weingart, president and acting director of the club, stated that those issues were being considered and mitigated.
  2. Second reading of a request by RMS Corp. that the city establish an Outdoor Refreshment Area (ORA) at the Van Aken District, allowing open containers purchased from participating vendors in the District. Legacy Village has an OAR. Neighborhood meetings are planned.

The minutes of previous meetings were approved as written. There were no public comments on the subsequent agenda items discussed during the regular meeting.

Council approved on third reading zoning text amendments to the Child Day Care Regulations, Sections 1262.03 and 1263.09. Ms. Moore voted “No.” [Details about these amendments can be found in earlier observer reports on the meetings of the Planning Commission/Board of Zoning Appeals and of City Council.]

Unanimous confirmation was given to City Planning’s approval of a conditional use permit for the B-1 rooftop bar at 3386 Tuttle Rd. (in the Van Aken District].

Council unanimously approved enacting a new chapter to the Business Regulation Code: Discrimination Prohibitions in Employment and Public Accommodations. This was done in order to be consistent with federal, state and county anti-discrimination law.

Sent to third reading were amendments to the Fair Housing sections of the Business Code to make them consistent with county law; and a resolution to reaffirm and expand the City’s Equal Employment Opportunity Policy.

In other business, council unanimously approved a franchise for the nonexclusive right of Verizon to construct, own and service a fiber-based data and communications network for business and government customers in the public right of way of the city.

Other items approved:

Police Officers may purchase retiring police dogs for $1 each.

Acceptance of grant funds from NOACA’s Transportation for Livable Communities Initiative for improvements at the Warrensville-Shaker Boulevard intersection.

A non-binding resolution recommending a General Operating Fund balance of not less than 25 percent of budgeted operating fund expenditures and elimination of reference to an estate tax in the makeup of the annual Capital Fund. Ms. Senturia voted “No,” objecting to language connecting the reserve to the city’s bond rating.

The meeting adjourned at 10:05 p.m.

Linda Lissauer, observer

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