Safety & Public Works Committee, March 2019

March 2nd, 2019  |  Published in Observer Reports

March 1, 2019

Present: Council member Nancy Moore (chair); citizen members Jonathan Hren, James Sammon, Austin McGuan

Others present: Mayor David Weiss, Director of Public Works Patricia Speese, Chief of Fire Patrick Sweeney, Chief of Police Jeffrey DeMuth, police dept. administrative assistant Debra Messing

The meeting was called to order by Ms. Moore at 8:02 a.m. Ms. Moore announced there was no quorum but the committee would proceed with reviewing the agenda and seeking consensus. 

Agenda—Committee actions:

1. Regarding the minutes of the Feb. 1, 2019, meeting, there were no questions or amendments.

2. The Public Works Dept. presented a motion to ratify a plan with the Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District for garbage fees and disposal. The city also works with CCSWD on recycling, litter collection, household hazardous waste, and scrap tire disposal. If the city fails to ratify the regional plan, the state EPA would write the city’s plan. The CCSWD plan continues the city’s current fee of $1.50 per ton until 2023, when the fee will rise to $2 per ton. For comparison, the average state fee is $4.50 per ton. The city disposes of 8,300 tons per year; this is reduced from 15,000 tons in 2003, a decline attributed to recycling, reuse, and a decline in residents, according to Ms. Speese. Ms. Speese said CCSWD is working on a municipal yard waste consortium and multifamily-building recycling programs. Committee members present approved the plan.

3. The Public Works Dept. presented a motion to ratify a contract based on an RFP for a longer-term arrangement with consultants who perform inspection services for city construction projects, including road resurfacing, waterline replacement, sewer improvements, and the like. The RFP was an attempt to obtain better pricing through a one-year contract with options to renew the following two years. The lowest bidder with the highest rating was Solar Testing Laboratories, bidding $50 per hour as compared to a prior average of $56 per hour. The city’s prior experience with Solar was limited to the Green Lake dredging project, and indirectly through the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District. Mr. Sammon commented that his company had engaged Solar and been satisfied with its services. Inspections for most of the projects are actually paid by another entity, such as the Cleveland Water Dept., with the exception of street resurfacing. (Additional details are available online in the committee packet.) Committee members present approved the contract.

4. The Fire Department presented a motion to approve an application for a State Board of Emergency Medical, Fire and Transportation Services Grant for money to “improve and enhance EMS and trauma patient care” through purchases of equipment, training and research. The total award varies with the number of applicants. The fund depends on collection of penalties statewide for seat-belt violations. Chief Sweeney said the city received $3,900 last year. This is a zero-match grant. Committee members present approved the application.

Following discussion on the motions on the agenda, there was some dialogue about miscellaneous matters. Ms. Speese said there will be many street repairs when the weather permits, because of extensive damage from freeze-thaw cycles and rain between snowstorms this winter, plus waterline repairs. Chief Sweeney said the Lytle Road housefire investigation is not complete; the house is slated for demolition. Chief DeMuth said the driver who hit several cars in the parking lot behind the state liquor store had been apprehended.

Ms. Moore adjourned the meeting at 8:32 a.m.

Annette Tucker Sutherland

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