City Planning Commission /Board of Zoning Appeals, February 2019

February 11th, 2019  |  Published in Observer Reports

Feb. 5, 2019

Members Present: David Weiss, mayor and chair; Rob Zimmerman, councilman; citizen members John Boyle, Kevin Dreyfuss-Wells, Joanna Ganning

Others Present: Joyce Braverman, director of planning; Dan Feinstein, senior planner; William Gruber, director of law

Mayor Weiss called the meeting to order at 7 p.m. He asked that approval of the January minutes be delayed until the end of the meeting to accommodate Mr. Zimmerman (who arrived at 7:15).

The agenda and supporting documents for this meeting may be found here: (

Board of Zoning Appeals


Supporting Documents:


Richard Cissell, Cissell Architecture and Design, on behalf of Rajani and Rahul Tendulkar, requested a rear-yard setback variance. The applicant proposes an infill addition to the southwest rear corner of the house. The addition is 33 feet 5 inches from the rear property line. Code requires a 40-foot rear-yard setback in the Single Family Residential zoning district. The addition, which creates a first-floor accessible bathroom for a possible in-law suite, is not outside the footprint of the house. A well-established tall hedge separates the rear yard from the neighbor’s yard. There were no public comments. Staff supported the variance; it was approved unanimously.

Board of Zoning Appeals/City Planning Commission


Supporting Documents:


This case was a continuation (December and then January meetings) so the applicant, Donqualla Hale-Peterson, Lee Road Learning Center, a child daycare center in the Commercial zoning district, could address state regulations, parking, and playground issues for a conditional use permit and parking variance. Bonnie Smith, Smith Architects LLC, presented revised plans and signed shared-parking statements, among other documents, from the two businesses in the adjacent building at 3657 and 3659 Lee Road. The trash dumpster was removed to create additional parking. Code requires 16 on-site parking spaces for the three businesses, but there are only 15, including the shared spaces. There was no public comment. Staff supported the permit and variance. Both were approved unanimously, with the following conditions: No employee parking on site; daycare operation Monday through Friday only; playground operation from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. only, within temporary barricades at least 3 feet tall, and Astroturf or comparable covering for the asphalt; and storage space inside for the temporary barriers. The conditional use permit and parking variance were approved unanimously.


Supporting Documents:


This hearing, at the request of the City of Shaker Heights, was for a re-subdivision of land in order to dedicate the University Boulevard Northwest median parcel into right-of-way. A small portion of this section of the University Boulevard median (the portion northwest of Fairmount Circle) is in Shaker Heights; the remainder of the median is in University Heights. University Heights approved dedication of their portion of the median into right-of way in January. The additional right-of-way will create a consistent median of right-of-way in both jurisdictions. The city-owned median consists of parcel 733-04-004. There were no public comments. The re-subdivision was approved unanimously.

The minutes of the last meeting were approved at 7:30 p.m.

The mayor adjourned the meeting at 7:35 p.m.

Barbara Bradley

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