Library Board of Trustees, August 2018

August 25th, 2018  |  Published in Observer Reports

Library Board of Trustees
Aug. 20, 2018
Present: Board members Bertsch, Cicarella, Gleisser, Katz, Meinhard (arrived 20 minutes late), and Williams. Absent: Garrett
Community comments were invited, and Frank Goforth, a Shaker resident who had spoken at a previous meeting about his concerns about plans to pay off the long-term debt that the renovation project would entail, reported that he has subsequently spoken with Mr. Meinhard about the issue. He also said that he thought it necessary that Library, Schools, and City have more proactive conversations about issues of mutual interest rather than reacting.
Lynn Miller, Bertram Woods branch manager, gave a presentation about that library facility and operation.
Board President Gleisser noted an effort to have a joint meeting of the boards of Shaker Heights Library and Cleveland Heights-University Heights Library, to be arranged, perhaps in October or November.
The Fiscal Officer reported that revenues were running above budget figures and expenditures were within budget. Financial statements were approved. Revenue from 2018 property reappraisals will not be known until later in the year, but likely to result in an additional $130,000 (possibly, subject to appeals).
The bulk of the meeting was devoted to discussion about the Library’s “planning to plan” activities in regard to the renovation project. Funds from the levy will not be available until 2019, so the current concern is to map out the steps to be taken in project planning, both as to construction and to financing, to be able to proceed in the most efficient way. Identification of bond counsel, possibly municipal advisor, and owner’s representative and design process was discussed. Also of concern was communication with the community, formation of a facilities committee, and the associated timelines.
Quarterly usage report was presented (up slightly), and study of “fee-free” libraries elsewhere noted.
Director Switzer and library staff have made a review of policies and presented three changes which were approved: wording about financials to bring it into line with Ohio state law, special services (copies, faxing), and meeting room arrangements and fees. Other policies involving staffing and personnel were presented and remained on first reading (no vote).
Gifts to the Library were accepted and personnel changes reported. Attention has been given to active-shooter situation training. Next all-staff meeting will be focused on harassment.
Kathleen Hickman

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