City Planning Commission/Board of Zoning Appeals, July 2018

August 24th, 2018  |  Published in Observer Reports

Board of Zoning Appeals and City Planning Commission
July 11, 2018

Present: John Boyle, Joanna Ganning, Kevin Dreyfuss-Wells, Council Member Rob Zimmerman, and Mayor David Weiss
Also present: Dan Feinstein, Planning Department; Joyce Braverman, Director of Planning; and William Gruber, Law Director

The meeting was called to order by Mayor Weiss at 7 p.m. Minutes of the June 6, 2018, meeting were approved with corrections.

City Planning Commission

Shaker Heights Country Club – Parkland Drive

Public hearing on the request of Rob Myers, Myers Homes, representing Shaker Heights Country Club for a subdivision of land and amendment to the zoning map to change the zoning on a portion of the property from “Parks and Recreation” to “Single Family Residential.”

Staff recommends continuance for the following reasons:

  1. To determine the appropriate distance from the proposed rear property line to the Doan Brook Stream bank
  2. To review the development impact of the proposed plan against proposed City Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan regulations
  3. To locate the flood plain on the plan in relation to the proposed lots
  4. To consider other controls on future development

The mayor opened the public hearing. Eight residents raised concerns about the project. The biggest concern was the “open dump” that the Country Club has maintained for years and those testifying deemed unsightly. Residents requested that this area of organic material and construction materials be remediated. Residents wondered whether the two new homes proposed would be a positive addition to the community.

Board of Zoning Appeals/City Planning Commission

Wendy’s Restaurant – 3516 Warrensville Center Road

Continuation of a public hearing on the request of Jim Moll, MUY! Hamburgers, Wendy’s Restaurant operator for a Conditional Use Permit, site plan review, variances and re-subdivision of land in order to construct a new Wendy’s Restaurant at the corner of Warrensville Center Road and Chagrin Boulevard.

The City Planning Commission Work Group discussed plans for the new building at its October, November, and January meetings. The ABR approved a design concept in January. A lengthy series of approvals was voted on by the board. Chief among them:

Site Plan Review and Variances

The percentage of parking lot/driveway facing the street, 68% instead of the required maximum of 50%, is supported with the applicant’s elimination of one of the existing access drives onto Warrensville Center Road, installation of a 3-foot-tall decorative brick-faced masonry street wall and wrought iron fence with landscaping wall along the Warrensville Center Road frontage and additional landscaping in front of the street wall/fence.

Commercial Mixed Use Variances and Conditional Use Permit

The front yard setback variance is appropriate. The building is as close to the corner as is reasonable in order to accommodate the outdoor patio and landscaping along Chagrin. The proposed 3-foot-tall decorative brick-faced masonry wall and wrought iron fence combination mitigates the visual impact of the parking lot from Warrensville Center Road. The Conditional Use Permit for the drive through is supported – it provides additional stacking space and improved circulation. Council confirmation of the Conditional Use Permit is required.

CM Design Principle Variances

Buildings should respect the street context and avoid monotonous or franchise architecture and should follow the intent of the city’s Strategic Investment Plan, which indicates that buildings should be located at the sidewalk. The building is the equivalent of a two-story building. The silver-colored blade element reduces the appearance of franchise architecture. Variances are approved with the condition that there will be no additional lighting on the blade architectural element and that the ABR will review the final design of the signage and blade element.

Parking Variances

The commission supported a variance to allow 68% of the frontage to be parking because the applicant is eliminating one of the existing driveways onto Warrensville Center Road. And the frontage is mitigated by an architectural element.


Re-subdivision of the land and acceptance of the vacation of a portion of the right-of-way creates a 1.07-acre parcel; the combined lot meets lot size and frontage requirements. Approved with the condition that the city and county must vacate the right-of-way and a final subdivision plat must be submitted to the city and filed with the county.

The mayor announced the continuation of a public hearing – no one was present to testify.

Board of Zoning Appeals

Diamond’s Men Store – 16832 Chagrin Boulevard

A public hearing on the request of Randall Diamond, Diamond’s Men Store, 16832 Chagrin Boulevard for a variance to the number of signs in order to have two primary wall signs. Diamond’s Men Store occupies two storefront spaces. The signs represent one continuous message across the combined storefront.

The mayor opened the public hearing. No one was present to testify.

The board approved the request, noting that the essential character of the neighborhood will not be affected since there used to be a sign for each storefront. The ABR has also reviewed Diamond’s request at two of their recent meetings.
Jan Devereaux

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