Board of Education, Special Meeting, July 2018

August 24th, 2018  |  Published in Observer Reports

Board of Education
Special Meeting/Work Session—Fernway Task Force
July 31, 22018

Board President Jeff Isaacs called the special meeting/work session to order at 5 p.m. He reminded those present that no questions would be taken from the audience as an open board meeting with the Fernway Taskforce was to take place Aug. 1.

The purpose of this meeting was to provide an update on the district’s insurance coverage and to describe the progress and plans for moving forward with the opening of the school year for Fernway students.

Bob Rutter, an insurance recovery expert, presented in chart form his review of the district’s insurance coverage that detailed the various provisions/coverage included in its policies. He discussed next steps, emphasizing that the process for detailing the losses should not be rushed but be carefully considered and involve experts who can provide guidance regarding categorizing items and consider the historic features of the building in order to maximize coverage.

David Glasner, executive director of curriculum and instruction, reviewed the steps involved and the decision-making process for choosing the Shared Space plan over other building and modular space options. The Fernway Shared Space Plan was presented, involving K students being housed at Fernway@Onaway, 1st grade students at Fernway@Boulevard, and 2-4th grade students at Fernway@Woodbury.

Assistant Superintendent Terri Braden discussed the back-to-school timeline with special, staggered programming for orientation of parents and Fernway students at the three shared space schools.

Plans for furnishing classrooms, bus transportation, playgrounds, lunch times and recess were also discussed.

Throughout the meeting, Fernway Principal Christopher Hayward and district staff praised the warm welcome and support they have received from the host schools’ administration and teachers in the district.

This observer had to leave before the conclusion of the discussion on temporary parking solutions for the shared schools and the review of the plan for distribution of funds from the Fernway Fund-Me account.
Terry Stoller

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