Library Board, June 2018

July 3rd, 2018  |  Published in Observer Reports

Meeting of the Shaker Heights Library Board of Trustees, June 17, 2018


Called to order at 6:45pm.

Present: Board members Gleisser, Bertsch, Cicarella, and Williams.

Absent: Mr. Meinhard, Ms. Katz, and Ms. Garrett


Board President Gleisser’s report included information about the 2% extra compensation for library staff, which had been contingent upon passage of the levy on the spring ballot. Motions were made and passed to also apply the additional compensation to the Library Director and Fiscal Officer.


The Fiscal Officer reported that income and expenditures were on target, with income modestly ahead of 2017 receipts year to date.


The Library’s purchasing and petty cash policies were revised to conform to requirements in state law.


Library Director Amy Switzer reported that free printing, up to $1/day, is now available to all cardholders, including children. She noted monthly meetings of library, city, school, and youth center staff take place to encourage collaboration and that “restorative practices” being implemented in the public schools are being adapted, where feasible, for use in the libraries.


She also explained that the state of Ohio has made changes in policies for bonds for capital projects and the lengthening of the bond period and other adjustments would be very favorable and timely for the Library renovation project. The fiscal officer is reworking the budget, income, and bond figures and will report them. It is expected that the Library will be able to avoid returning to the ballot a good deal longer because of the changes. The Director also reported on a panel and conversation about panhandling, and other features of the community engagement effort.


Gifts were accepted and appropriated. Thanks were expressed to Library staff who participated in the Memorial Day parade.


Meeting adjourned at 7:20 pm. There will be no meeting in July.


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