City Council Regular Meeting, June 2018

July 3rd, 2018  |  Published in Observer Reports

Shaker Heights City Council
June 25, 2018

The Mayor called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. and adjourned at 8:43 p.m.   

Present: Mayor David Weiss, Council members: Sean Malone, Rob Zimmerman, Tres Roeder, Juliana Johnston Senturia, Anne Williams, Nancy Moore, Earl Williams.
Also present:  Chief Administrative Officer Jeri Chaikin; Law Director William M. Ondrey Gruber; Finance Director Robert H. Baker; Director of Public Works Patricia Speese; Director of Planning Joyce Braverman

The minutes of the June 25, 2018 meeting were approved.

Six out of eight items on the agenda were passed declaring an emergency.

Items on the agenda were unanimously approved:

  • Approval of the minute of the May 14th and May 29th meetings. Councilman Zimmerman expressed concern that public comments are not included in meeting minutes, although they are voice recorded.
  • An ordinance was introduced to revise Chapter 163 of Codified Ordinances to comply with the new state law that allows municipalities the ability to “regulate the placement and appearance of small cell technology equipment”, which includes antennae, poles, and equipment boxes. This allows cities to adjust the location of small cell technology equipment to be in areas with heavy traffic, to lessen the load there. The third reading and adoption for this ordinance is expected to be on July 23rd.
  • An ordinance amending sections 141.18 and 141.22 to alter the stipulations of toddler and family pool and ice rink passes. The amendment allows toddlers three years old and younger to gain free admission. This change will cause a loss of about $500 yearly from previous toddler pass revenue, but will appeal to more families.
  • An ordinance authorizing the application for a grant from Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council for $60,445 to go towards the $95,000 replacement of the boiler in the Police/Court Building.
  • An ordinance authorizing a contract with for construction services with Terrace Construction Company, Inc., for $67,000 to remove a portion of the spillway from the Horseshoe Lake Dam to aid the fixing of a sinkhole north of the spillway. With the sinkhole, the dam may be structurally compromised, and if the dam failed, it would cause a loss of life and property. There was originally a bid for the project, except the only bid was over 10% of the estimated cost. The ordinance waives public bidding in this case. $67,000 will be appropriated from the General Fund to finance the contract with Terrace Construction.
  • An ordinance appropriating $67,000 from the General Fund to finance the contract with Terrace Construction to remove part of the spillway from the Horseshoe Lake Dam.
  • An ordinance authorizing the application for a grant from the federal Department of Transportation of up to $1 million to go towards the $1.25 million cost of designing a new intermodal transit station for the RTA Blue Line.
  • An ordinance accepting and authorizing a proposal and a contract with Weber Murphy Fox for $31,280 for Phase 1, and 8% of construction costs for Phase 2, along with $8,000 for moving management, furniture, and fittings for the City Hall Space Study and Plan, which is trying to co-locate the Building and Housing Department by re-organizing department locations and functionality within City Hall, and is expanding to potentially renovate the Firehouse and the vacant Heath Department basement space. Phase 1 is concept design in relation to cost, and Phase 2 is detailed drawings, bidding, and updated cost estimates. The current budget is $200,000. Six proposals and four interviews were received after proposals were requested from eight firms. Weber Murphy Fox was determined to have the best proposal.

-Ryan Brady





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