Zoning Board of Appeals, May 7, 2018

May 30th, 2018  |  Published in Observer Reports

Board of Zoning Appeals
May 7, 2018

Present: Mayor David Weiss, chair; Councilman Rob Zimmerman; citizen members John Boyle and Kevin Dreyfuss-Wells
Others Present: Joyce Braverman, Director of Planning; Dan Feinstein, Senior Planner; William Gruber, Director of Law

Mayor Weiss called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm. The agenda for this meeting and supporting documents may be found here.

The minutes of the April 2018 meeting were approved.


Bialosky Cleveland, representing RMS Investments, asked for a variance to the service area of the C-4 Market Hall building. A variance was previously granted for the service area to be located on Warrensville Center Road. The applicant would like to modify the service area layout for a larger trash compactor area, which requires a larger, angled entry and gate to accommodate the truck pickup of the compactor. An 8-foot wall that matches the brick wall and gate will hide the compactor, and landscaping will soften the view of the wall. There will be three parking spaces on Warrensville that will block the gate, so traffic will need to be managed on pickup days.

The Bialosky representatives explained that the original variance plan was to roll smaller compacters into the area for pick-up. After talking to refuse services, they’ve found that this plan would require three to nine pickups per week, which is inefficient. The variance will allow there to be one larger compacter that would need to be picked up every two weeks, causing less disruption to traffic and less noise.

Ms. Braverman asked if the parking spaces will be striped. Bialosky confirmed that they would be. Mr. Dreyfuss-Wells asked how they would control use of the parking spaces on pickup days. Bialosky suggested they could off be closed. Ms. Braverman suggested they be blocked with traffic cones.

Mr. Dreyfuss-Wells asked if there would be a problem with having the refuse picked up only every two weeks. Bialosky said no.

Mr. Weiss asked why the gate was recessed from the street. Bialosky noted that it needed to be past the overhead power lines so the trash haulers could safely work.

Mr Dreyfus-Wells asked if the sidewalk would be differentiated from the driveway surface, giving a visual cue to pedestrians. Bialosky responded that the two surfaces would be differently textured. Mr. Dreyfuss-Wells asked if they could be different colors, for greater differentiation. Bialosky responded that they could.

Ms. Braverman asked if the new service area design would degrade the view for people sitting on the nearby patio. Bialosky responded that the 8-foot wall improves the patio sightlines and will have landscaping and planters to further soften the view.

The discussion was opened to public comment. There was none.

Mr. Dreyfuss-Wells made a motion to approve the requested variance with the addition of using colors to differentiate the service area driveway and sidewalk. It was unanimously approved.

The next meeting will be June 4.
Lynn Lilly


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