City Council Work Session, April 9, 2018

May 1st, 2018  |  Published in Observer Reports

City Council Work Session
April 9, 2018

Present: Interim Mayor Anne Williams; Council members  Sean Malone, Nancy Moore, Tres Roeder, Julianna Senturia, Earl Williams, and Rob Zimmerman; CAO Jeri Chaikin; and Law Director William Gruber

Ms. Williams called the meeting to order at 7 p.m.

First item on the agenda was a public hearing for amendments to the zoning ordinances for the creation of a small lot infill development overlay district, revised sign design standards, and text revision regarding Landmark Commission process.

The City Planning Commission makes recommendations to Council regarding amendments to the zoning ordinance.  Three readings and a public hearing at City Council are required.  This was the second reading and the required public hearing.

Planning Department Director Joyce Braverman introduced the zoning text amendments and asked city staff member Kamla Lewis and Kris Hopkins of CT Consultants to present detailed information.

First, a Small Lot Infill Development (SLID) overlay district is proposed. The district will allow for creative infill housing on small vacant lots in the north and south Moreland neighborhoods. The new district, designed to ensure infill housing that is compatible with the existing neighborhood, is exclusively for the existing two-family zoning district in the north and south Moreland neighborhoods.

Ms. Lewis noted that there are 100 city-owned lots available for development.

Second, sign design standards are proposed to be added to the CM Commercial Mixed Use zoning district design standards and principles section. These changes provide sign standards to raise the design to the same level as the design standards already integral to this zoning district.  Currently there are high standards for building design but no guidance for signs and no coordination with the overall district, other development, or streetscape.

Third, the revision to the Landmark Commission process will allow more flexibility in the application process. The proposed change to the submission process will allow the process to be set by administrative rule, which is more in line with other boards and commissions.

Ma. Williams opened the public hearing and asked for questions or comments from the audience.  There were none.

Following a short recess, Ms. Williams called the meeting back into session, paid tribute to former Mayor Earl Leiken, now chief of staff for Cuyahoga County’s chief executive, and described the process City Council went through to find a replacement for Mr. Leiken. Council’s responsibility is to name a mayor who would serve for the rest of 2018 and must run in the November 2018 election.  The  community would then vote to determine who would serve until December 2019 to complete Mr. Leiken’s full term. With special thanks to Ms. Chaikin, Mr. Gruber, and the city’s communications department, Ms. Williams described the process Council developed to select a replacement, including announcing the vacancy and inviting interested applicants to apply. Seven timely applications were received; five were interviewed in hour-long sessions. A majority vote of Council was needed to select a new mayor. Ms. Williams announced Council’s choice:former City Council member David E. Weiss.

Ms. Williams then took official action and moved to appoint Ms. Weiss as mayor. The motion was seconded, and all voted in favor except Ms. Senturia, who abstained. Mr. Weiss was introduced as the new mayor, sworn in by Judge K.J. Montgomery, and received a standing ovation.

In brief remarks, Mr. Weiss expressed his thanks to Council and to those joining him tonight and acknowledged the honor and privilege he feels in being selected to serve.  He and his family have lived in Shaker for 30 years, during which the community has benefited from superb mayors.  He moves into the office with big shoes to fill and looks forward to the challenges and opportunities. He expressed admiration for the professionalism and dedication of the city staff and closed by noting that the future for Shaker is bright, with exciting developments in the Van Aken area, in the Moreland area, and in all of the neighborhoods. What makes Shaker so special are the people who choose to live here, he said, and he looks forward to working with everyone to move the community ahead.

Ms. Williams adjourned the meeting and invited those present to join a reception honoring the new mayor.
Jan Devereaux

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