City Council, September 2017

October 1st, 2017  |  Published in Observer Reports

Shaker Heights City Council
September 25, 2017

The Mayor called the meeting to order at 7:33 p.m. and adjourned at 9:10 p.m.   

Present: Mayor Earl Leiken, Council members: Sean Malone, Earl Williams, Rob Zimmerman, Tres Roeder, Juliana Johnston Senturia, Anne Williams, Nancy Moore.
Also present:  Chief Administrative Officer Jeri Chaikin; Law Director William M. Ondrey Gruber; Finance Director Robert H. Baker; Director of Neighborhood Revitalization, Kamla Lewis; Shaker Heights Chief of Police Jeffrey N. DeMuth; Director of Communications and Marketing, Vicki Blank; Principle Planner Ann Klavora; Director of Economic Development Tania Menesse.

The minutes of the August 28, 2017 meeting were approved. Councilmember Robert Zimmerman asked that remarks he made in the minutes be taken out.

Eight out of nine items on the agenda were passed declaring an emergency. Councilmember Tres Roder objected to a motion to pass an agenda item declaring an emergency.

Items on the agenda were unanimously approved:

  • An ordinance amending sections of the Administrative code pertaining to permits and deposits for work performed by contractors. It allows the city to make sure that work is done to approved specifications that meets city standards by requesting work done on public property by any company and its contractors in Shaker Hts., to deposit with the City funds to cover the cost for the City to hire a construction inspector to ensure oversite and protection of the City’s infrastructure.
  • An ordinance authorizing a development and use agreement with Knez Homes for home construction in the southern Moreland neighborhood. Currently, there are 80 vacant lots in Moreland, 170 vacant lots in Shaker as a whole. The starting price for the homes will be $239,000. The objectives are to return city owned vacant lots to productive use, increase the residential tax base, attract new residents, raise housing values and diversify the housing stock in the Moreland neighborhood.
  • An ordinance accepting the recommendations of the City’s Tax Incentive Review Council to continue existing development agreements for tax exemption and payments in lieu of taxes (PILOTs).
  • An ordinance authorizing a $90,000.00 one year contract with Shark & Minnow for marketing and public relations services related to promoting the Van Aken District.
  • Authorizing a contract with GPD Group for $197,000 for design and engineering expertise related to the Van Aken District Multi-Purpose path and Streetscape project
  • Two 2017 budget amendments, one appropriating $1,500,000.00 from the NOACCA Transportation Alternatives grant for construction of the Warrensville Multi-purpose path and streetscape. The other for a $320,000.00 transfer of funds appropriated to the Police Department to pay the city’s share of operating costs for the new Heights Hillcrest Communication Center. Both appropriations were transferred to the General Capital Fund.
  • Authorizing a $219,000.00 grant application to and acceptance of a grant from NOACA for funding bicycle and pedestrian facilities and improvements along Warrensville Center Rd.
  • Authorization of Then and Now Certificates; $3,400.00 to Cellebrite, Inc Software and $3,258.11 for Public Officials Liability Insurance.

Public Comment: Dr. Julia Weitz spoke about her concerns and those of other citizens regarding the Van Aken District. She wanted to know what research was done to analyze traffic flow and expressed concerns about budgetary issues related to the necessary upkeep of all the improvements. The Mayor invited her to come speak with him and offered to answer all of her questions. 

-Audrey Morris



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