City Planning/Board of Zoning Appeals, July 2017

July 31st, 2017  |  Published in Observer Reports


July 5, 2017


Present:  Jack Boyle, Kevin Dreyfuss-Wells, Rob Zimmerman, Mayor Leiken.
Also Present:  Joyce Braverman, Dan Feinstein, Planning Department; William Gruber, Law Director.


The meeting was called to order by Mayor Leiken at 7:00 p.m.







A Public Hearing was held on the request of Jeffery Barker, J. Barker Landscaping, on behalf of Jeremy and Lisa Handel, for a variance to the front yard pavement regulations.  The applicant proposes to construct a front yard circular driveway on their 100 foot property.  The 12 foot wide circular driveway will replace the driveway in the front yard.  The proposed driveway comprises 26.7 percent of the front yard.  Code only allows 25 percent of the front yard to be covered in driveway.  The proposed driveway will relocate the apron to the middle of the lot necessitating the removal of a street tree.  Boxwood shrubs and evergreen trees are proposed to be planted to screen the circular driveway.


The applicant and their architect stated that the additional size of the driveway was necessary to allow a proper turning radius.


After some discussion, it was noted that the removal of a street tree falls under the purview of the Department of Public Works, not the BZA.  Mr. Feinstein will assist the applicant in presenting their request to the proper department.


There were no comments at the public hearing.


It was moved by Mr. Boyle, second by Mr. Zimmerman, that the request for additional driveway coverage be approved, subject to staff approval of the final plan.  Adopted unanimously.





A Public Hearing was held on the request of David Maddux, The Arcus Group, representing Alfred Buescher, 17001 Shaker Boulevard, for a variance to the side yard setback requirements.  The homeowner proposes to construct a new side yard addition for an indoor pool that is 11 feet 6 inches from the side property line.  Code requires a 15 foot wide side yard setback in the SF1Single Family Residential district.  The addition extends into the side yard 2 feet 8 inches beyond the existing house and into the required side yard setback.  An existing 6 foot tall wood fence screens the neighbor’s view of the addition.


There were no comments at the public hearing.


As moved by Mr. Dreyfuss-Wells, second by Mr. Zimmerman, the request was approved unanimously.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:50 p.m.





( I did not attend the June 6 meeting.  These are notes from the approved minutes of that meeting.)


A variance to the fence location and heights regulations on a corner lot was granted to Kyle and Samantha Beattie, 15706 Chadbourne Road with the following conditions:

  1. The portion of the fence requiring a variance may only be 4 feet tall.
  2. The existing landscaping is maintained along the Ashby Road sidewalk
  3. Additional arborvitae bushes are planted to screen the fence from view of Ashby Road as approved by staff.
  4. Additional landscaping is installed to screen the fence return in the Chadbourne Road side yard as approved by staff.


A request was granted to the City of Shaker Heights for a resubdivision of land in order to dedicate right-of-way at the northeast corner of Warrensville Center and Farnsleigh Road.  This is needed to accommodate the future Van Aken District multi-Purpose Path.  The Planning Commission will recommend the right-of-way dedication to City Council for approval.


Gail Gibson


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