City Council Work Session, December 2016

January 18th, 2017  |  Published in Observer Reports

City Council Work Session
Dec. 5, 2016

In a previous work session, Council had reviewed projections for a 10-year capital budget plan. The document was described as a planning tool that would allow Council to anticipate recurring and predicted needs for the next decade.

In this work session, heads of departments presented desired items for the capital budget of 2017. Total outlay was $5.58 million, of which $2 million would be financed by bonds, $3.0 million from transfers from the general to the capital accounts, $250,000 from the sewer capital fund, and $244,500 from the Shaker Town Center capital fund.

The Police Department requested a total of $446,000. This includes annual replacement of vehicles (six per year, which means the entire fleet is replaced every four years on an incremental basis). Also in the budget are funds for replacement of gas masks, development of a joint dispatch center, surveillance cameras for Shaker Town Center, and replacement of street name signs.

The Fire Department intends to replace one of the rescue squad vehicles (the rescue squad makes 2,200-2,300 calls each year), equipped with the latest technology. Also included in the request were funds for refurbishment of a 2003 fire engine and replacement of air cylinder breathing equipment. Fire Department total: $583,000.

Public Works has requested equipment replacement of a number of items, for a total of $480,000. Sewer projects are slated for $250,000. Public Works facilities management projects (including new roof and improvements to the community building, elevator and HVAC in city hall)) came to $719,000. Street resurfacing, which is to include resurfacing of Shaker Boulevard beginning in spring 2017), totals $2 million.

Planning Department capital budget requests include replacement of stamped concrete crosswalks and streetscape repair in the Shaker Town Center area, a traffic and signalization study for the Warrensville/Van Aken district, and a traffic study for the Lee/Van Aken intersection. Total: $349,500.

The Recreation Department has several projects planned centered on Thornton Park, as well as a removable football/soccer goal post, for a total of $100,000.

The IT Department (which serves all other city departments and facilities) has a number of requests for software maintenance and upgrades. The most expensive projects are public safety mobile computers ($240,000) and a new telephone/voicemail system ($300,000). Total for IT: $630,000.
Kathleen Hickman

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