Responsibilities of Board Members

May 8th, 2010  |  Published in Blue Book: Board Documents



A. Optional attendance, but open to all members.

B. Date, time & place will be available in the annual calendar.

C. Cabinet meets to monitor projects of the organization, create agendas for the board meetings, brainstorm solutions to current problems, conduct routine administrative business, and any other business delegated to it by the full board.


A. board members should get to the president, in writing, all information the board should have in advance of the regular board meeting (e.g. motions that need prior thought, background information on issues, etc.).

B.Anyone wishing to be on the agenda needs to let the president(s) know by the cabinet meeting date when possible.  For important issues that arise after the cabinet meeting, please send an email to the president(s).

C.Agenda and minutes will be mailed to each board member a week in advance of the regular board meeting whenever possible.  Please read everything carefully and come to the board meeting prepared.


A.The authority for total League operation rests with the whole board. The board members choose the plans of operation, interpret member thinking, make decisions about consensus, determine positions, and select specific steps of action to be taken.

B. Since only one board meeting a month is planned, all board members are required to attend each meeting. Please inform the president(s) or secretary of any anticipated absence.

C.Date, time and place of the board meetings are announced in the agenda and the annual calendar.


A.The deadline for newsletter articles is the board meeting. It is especially important for observers to meet this deadline.

B.Any member can submit an article for consideration for the newsletter. Articles should be emailed to the editor in Word format (Times New Roman 12 pt) and should include the author’s name and phone number.


A. All board members are responsible for new member participation. Members are encouraged to invite new or prospective members to go with them to League events, introduce them to other League members and make them feel welcome.

B. Board members are expected to attend forums and League-sponsored events.

C. Board members are urged to join a committee or study group, and assist with voter registration drives.


A. Forums are the meetings at which formal presentations are made to all members and guests. The subject matter of forums may be the results of a study committee, planning for local, state, or national program, or updates on program items.

B. Board members are expected to attend the forums.


A. There are general membership meetings each year which board members are strongly encouraged to attend.  They are the New Members Reception, the reception for elected officials, and the Annual meeting held between May I-June 1.

B. Some administrative work is done through the creation of ad hoc committees. These will vary with each year’s needs. Examples of these committees are bylaw review committee and economic development committee. Board members may be asked to attend these meetings and make recommendations to the board. Ad hoc committees disband upon completion of their task.

C. Board members may be chosen to be delegates to conventions.  Delegates are apportioned according to membership and are selected by the president (s) with the advice of the board.

1. National Convention is held every two years, in June of even-numbered years. National officers, budget and program are adopted at these conventions for the ensuing two years.

2.State Convention is held every two years, in May of odd-numbered years. State officers, budget and program are adopted at these conventions for the ensuing two years.


A. The president(s) should be notified of all committee meetings.

B. If observing or monitoring a public body is a part of your job description, it is important that every meeting is covered.

1. If no one can attend the meeting, notify the Observer Chair.

2. Let the president(s) know if her attendance at the meeting is important.

C. Only the president(s) or an officially designated representative of the League shall write letters for the League or make statements for the League in public and must receive prior approval from the president(s) and/or board.

D. Observers and chairpersons shall keep a portfolio of all matters relating to their job to be passed on to the succeeding chairperson. Included in this file should be a list of recommendations to the new chair. A copy of these recommendations should be sent to the president (s).


A.Give all receipts and bills to the treasurer. Include information about the use of funds so that she can accurately record it.

B.Any non-routine items must be approved by the board.


A.National and State board reports and Action Alerts are sent to the president (s) and any member who would like to receive them by email.  .

B.Memos, letters, testimony, newsletters, news releases, and miscellaneous materials sent to the president(s) will be forwarded to the board members interested and, when appropriate, posted on the website.

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