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Shaker League Merges to Help Form

The League of Women Voters of Greater Cleveland

The memberships of all three Leagues in Cuyahoga County voted last spring to approve the merger of the three Leagues into one League of Women Voters of Greater Cleveland. The merger was approved by the U.S. League of Women Voters in June, the same month merger and incorporation papers were filed with the Ohio secretary of state.

The League of Women Voters

of Greater Cleveland

was formally established on July 1, 2014


Visit LWVGreaterCleveland.org to learn about the activities of the larger League. A Greater Cleveland League will be able exercise a stronger, more unified, and more effective voice regarding regional issues and public policy and will deliver better-coordinated, better-managed voter service and education.


The Shaker League will not change its mission in Shaker Heights. Our chapter’s activities will continue to be posted here. In fact, all NINE nine chapters of the larger League will continue their local work.


We welcome you to the new League and urge you to join us to make your voice heard here and in Greater Cleveland. If you click “Join” at the top of this page, you can become a member of the Greater Cleveland League and Shaker’s chapter.


Engage Shaker


A new League committee, “Engage Shaker,” co-chaired by Judy Stenta and Carol Lowenthal, has begun meeting. Committee members are Julianna Senturia, Tania Menesse and Colette Hart, and your co-presidents Holly Wang and Susan Troia. This group is working on forming a leadership training class for potential future city leaders. Watch for additional information!

And Here’s What We Have Done The Past Year:

In the spring, we studied the school district’s request for a levy, agreed that a levy was required and supported the levy–which was approved by Shaker Heights voters on May 6. We also hosted two pre-primary Candidate Forums at Shaker Middle School, one featuring candidates from both parties for the District 9 seat on County Council and the other featuring the two Democratic Party candidates for the District 9 State House seat (no Republican Party candidates were listed on the primary ballot).  And we partnered with the other two Leagues in the county and with the Northeast Ohio Media Group to publish an online Voters Guide. Last fall, all candidates for City Council and the Board of Education were sent pertinent questions, and their answers were printed in the LWV Voters Guide and mailed to every household in Shaker. A Candidates Forum was held at the Middle School on Tuesday, Oct. 1, with over 200 attendees. The forum was co-sponsored by the Shaker Heights Library, the Shaker PTO and Neighborhood Associations. This was a great opportunity to meet the candidates and ask them questions. The election took place on Tuesday, Nov.5, and in Shaker we have new and reelected members of City Council and the Board of Education. (Anne Williams, a former LWV-SH president, was elected to City Council.) City Council and the Board of Education will be watched at their respective meetings by LWV observers and you will be informed of their actions in monthly Voter reports. This is an important role of your League. A reception for Shaker Schools Superintendent Gregory Hutchings was held on Sunday, Oct. 20, at the home of Lin Emmons. Dr. Hutchings graciously answered questions for over an hour and impressed everyone with his openness, warmth and energy. Thank you to Mary Mulligan for chairing the reception, Lin Emmons for opening her home to the League and Dr. Hutchings for answering every question asked. A special thanks to Anne Batzell, Voter Services chair, for registering voters at a high school football game, Hathaway Brown School, Laurel School and Shaker Heights High School and anywhere else she was asked to go.